The Law of Supply and Demand

The way it stands, over a billion people go to bed hungry every day. This crime against humanity is engineered, sanctioned and celebrated as good business practice. Food demand must exceed food supply so a profit can be made in the global food market. There is plenty of food for everyone in this world but there is no profit if everyone has what they need. Similarly, huge numbers of people go without adequate housing, accessible competent health care and education because there would be no profit, hence no incentive, in providing these to everyone, even though we can. Much human pain and suffering exists only to maintain profitability incentives.

Every time farmers begin to grow enough food for everyone, market pressures collapse profits due to diminished demand for food and farmers go bankrupt, dispossessed from their farms and food production declines. Housing is bulldozed and the homeless driven to crowded shelters or the street in order for developers and real estate brokers to make a profit providing shelter. Medical care and research goes underfunded to maintain profits in the medical industry creating the conditions for thousands to needlessly suffer and die.

Archeology, anthropology, sociology, history and economics present a body of evidence that clearly indicates the human forces responsible for current shortages in food, housing, health care and education. These are areas where human productivity and natural resources appear more than adequate to meet global human needs. Such shortages trigger and amplify existential threats to humanity. In the past localized scarcity and isolation accounted for such shortages and these conditions do not apply today. Today we can only hold global capitalist market forces culpable.

Some people may rather incriminate politics and government. While they appear complicit on the surface of world events, politics and government now primarily serve global capitalist market needs. If this relation persists it poses an existential threat to human life on our planet and an existential threat to many other species. It is a test of the force of humanity to redirect politics and government to serve global human needs over global capitalist market needs. That is the challenge we have today, the only apparent sustainable existential hope for humanity and the subject of my writing.

The global capitalist market provides no incentive for totally meeting the demands of any market. In fact, a significant unmet demand must exist to enable future profits. For hundreds of years industrialized civilization opened new markets and built an economic empire piggybacked upon imperial colonial expansion. With the inclusion of China in the global capitalist market, opportunities for further significant market expansion ended. There are no new markets to open in the world anymore. Global capitalism has hit the wall.

Only Euro-American civilization evolved into a capitalist market society, developed military superiority and established a global economic capitalist empire. This developmental history is important to understand because it locates us in an evolutionary process and with this awareness we can intentionally guide further evolution in a globally beneficial direction. Together we can create a global society that meets everyone’s demand for food, housing, health care and education.

All current indicators suggest that without intentional beneficial guidance the global capitalist empire will continue to follow its destructive development, cause unnecessary pain and suffering everywhere, and continue as an increasingly existential threat to humanity, other sentient life and the environment on a planetary scale. The destruction of the environment and extinction of species has already produced irrevocable damage to the planet and its inhabitants.

It is no longer possible to act too soon in providing intentional guidance to further societal evolution in a globally beneficial direction. Every day lost increases the existential threats to humanity and other sentient life on a planetary scale. We must act together to transform governments and their political establishments to compensate for the beneficial loss of profit incentives and the desirable closure of markets as supplies meet demands. Half steps and compromises only increase the pressure to optimize the current global capitalist market and hasten the destruction of our planet and its inhabitants.

The goal is to create an educational movement to bring this point-of-view to a larger audience. I seek financial backing to fund this public education in online social media. There will be a point where a large enough online presence will be able to generate its own funding. Until that point is reached, individual contributors need to be reached personally and solicited for support.

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Vote Them Out

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." – Margaret Mead