Inflammation Leaky Gut Autoimmune Disease And Grain Lectin Connection

Reverse inflammation and heal your leaky gut in 2 to 3 weeks when you eliminate gut irritating lectins from your diet. This reduces your risk for autoimmune diseases, food allergies, candida overgrowth just by avoiding certain foods containing lectin proteins.

Gut integrity is mandatory for health and longevity. Celiacs already know about a lectin protein called gluten. And did you know, all grains and legumes contain similar lectins? Gluten has just been studied the most.

If you want to look good and feel good then you need to reduce inflammation, right? My video gives you science based facts about what happens when intact lectin proteins move into your blood after inflaming your gut.

What does inflammation of the gut look like? If you ever had poison oak on your skin then you can imagine that same scenario of poison oak in your gut. That’s inflammation.

When you really want to Lose Weight Feel Great Reverse Disease, then watch this video and learn more about inflammation, leaky gut, autotiimmune disease and grain lectin connection. Understanding the role lectins play in our overall health is primary to Lose Weight Feel Great Reverse Disease. That’s why it’s my second video in my new YouTube series, Lose Weight Feel Great Reverse Disease.

Practicing your very own customized individualized lifestyle approach will allow you to live longer in a younger body.

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Jay Greathouse is a Lifestyle Coach and Nutritional Counselor on Maui, Hawaii where he resides with his partner Liz O’Garvey. Together they offer customized individualized personal support to help people improve the 7 longevity markers found in present day centenarians.